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How Help From an Online Course Can Assist You in Book Publishment

Knowledge is one of the greatest treasures our society ever had. Thousands of books hide so much information about our history, future, love and war, friendship and rivalry. When creating a book, you basically add your investment into the great castle of a world’s knowledge. There’s no surprise in the fact that copywriting is considered as a noble and honorable profession!

Being a novice author, you probably already faced the problems any creator faces. Lack of ideas, procrastination, laziness, unwillingness to work with the text you’ve created, or conduct detailed custom research on the topic of your script – these “demons” are constant creator’s fellow travelers, who oppose him in his path to the tops of popularity, wealth, and appreciation.

Our in-depth 14 weeks course is going to cover all the pitfalls of being a copywriter. We will face the challenges and learn how to overcome them so that in the future, when you’ll decide to publish your own book, the listed troubles would seem much less important and ominous.

Each weekday you will discover all the key steps to becoming a pro creator, learn about editing, publishing, as well as all the nuances of work with online platforms. After finishing our web classes, no copywriting service will be able to compete with your skill. The logical finish of “Becoming a Creator In 3 Months” would be a publishment of your own first ebook on the Amazon platform.

You will receive 1 GB of relevant materials that include more than 300,000 words. We made sure only to add useful and non-repetitive information you won’t be able to find around the Internet. You’ll be studying in a small group together with 4 other future creators. The lessons will pass via Skype. Your personal teacher would be possible to reach at any time of the day, as well as support & discounts available 24/7. We guarantee to assist you in any of your endeavors – together, we will overcome all complexions and challenges!

“Becoming a Creator In 3 Months” Course’s Plan

Each week will be dedicated to a certain side of the research copywriter’s profession. The great three blocks of study are:

  • Acquaintance with the writing techniques: how one can produce creative ideas, how the characters should be written, what tools you can use, where you can find research help, how to edit your texts, how not to be too harsh to your oeuvre.
  • Basics of web design and formatting: how to arrange and shape your writing, how to create illustrations, where to find professional designers, how to format the book properly.
  • Publication of your materials: what platforms to choose, how to set a price for your work, how to deal with pirating, how to protect your creation with copyright law.

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