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What Will You Learn Through the Course

We’re not planning to teach you the basics of writing that could be found through regular web research. All the info we share is time-tested insides that were determined and formulated into rules & instructions by our experienced tutors.

Our lessons are going to help you learn the exact ways to properly assemble the plot, the best methods to build your characters, as well as how to handle the plot you’ve established and not disappoint the reader with your climactic event. You will learn how to sell your fiction on great platforms with great competition. With plenty of time to stop and ponder each lesson, you will surely remember the methodologies we share and how you can use them. This online course is your actual ticket to the bright copywriter’s career.

You probably would want to know what books were already published with our custom help. We are proud of our listeners and happy to present their work – the ebooks they’ve already published on popular selling platforms.

  • How to Be a Good Cook and a Perfect Wife by Elis McGregor. A work about the past and the future of feminism. The book would be an outstanding research help on the history of this movement and how it influenced the current state of things.
  • The Twenty-Ninth Day: Surviving a Grizzly Attack in the Canadian Tundra by Alex Messenger. A thrilling story based on actual events. During the travel through Canadian tundra, a young man is attacked by an ominous beast and then left to die alone. Will he manage to survive or find help, and at what cost?..
  • The Fifth Science by Exurb1a A fantastic collection of 12 stories that draw the Galactic Human Empire to the reader. Through all the stories penetrates suspense, that will blow up to the end of the book and lead to the collapse of a paper castle of the fragile peace that arranged around the Universe. Uncertainly, this would only be the beginning of the end...

Our talented graduates create works that soon would lead the tops of must-read books. So, what are you waiting for? The masterpiece won’t write itself! Go get the assistance of our copywriting service to open yourself a door to the fantastic world of creativity, fame, and money.

Why Us

There are many courses and lessons that teach you how to become an author, but only “Becoming a Creator In 3 Months” gives you the actual tools to start your career. From the first day, you will be put in an environment of creativity and talent. Your instructors would be the actual well-known creators, publishers, and designers, who’ve been working in the niche of ebooks for more than 10 years.

Custom research won’t bring you the results that even a day in our online school will. For only $25 you will get access to:

  • great base of information about writing, characters creation, plot building recommendations, and other useful to an author materials
  • patronage of a professional research copywriter who’ll teach you everything he knows
  • 1 GB of materials, which would be available for you the next 6 months after the course’s passing
  • communication with equally talented and inspired creators
  • support & discounts available 24/7, that will answer all your questions at any time of the day

So, if you still wonder, “Will I ever manage to write my own ebook?” then don’t waste your time and send us a filled application form. We’ll try to contact you back within an hour!